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[Information] to those who had you bought the album "Maisamurai-gumi" in summer Komi

    This is a notice to the person who had you bought a Dancing ☆ Samurai Arrange Album "Maisamurai-gumi" in summer is included in the room rate.

    With respect to the above CD that was distributed in the summer Komi, it was there is a mistake in the printing house.

    If you have think you can confirm, but we have those that are, if originally the "Maisamurai-gumi" print made ​​in the print called "musik soda"'re the artist called the "mirage".
    ※ However, the contents of the CD are those properly. It was different only the design of the label surface.

    There was no excuse, it will be distributed to not even notice as here.

    Current inventory minute by generous support of press trader + already because had we done to re-press of minutes had been distributed
    For is purchased minute in the summer Komi, we would like to exchange with those that have been printed successfully.

    I think you want to accept the exchange and basically the following form.
    1 event in exchange for ※ 9/5 Vocaloid Fantasia (Yokohama), 10/31 Vocaloid Paradise (Nagoya), will be accepted and the like 11/14 Vocaloid master (Tokyo) (if out ※).
    ※ In that case, please bring a CD when the summer is included in the room rate.
    2 exchange by mail please send an email to describe the effect that you want to exchange and the destination addressed to the address.

    It will be saved and get to exchange as much as possible one way.
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