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Notice with respect to Bopara 5

    Bopara is the announcement with respect.

    We will participate in next Sunday Boca Russia-only event held in Kyoto of Miyako Messe in 3/27 "VOCALOID PARADAISE 5".
    For more information, on the pages of events ↓

    It will distribute the new album in this event.
    Kagamine Len original album is "sing a song."

    Actually, we can not know in advance the music of the album because it is this album 12 songs all unpublished. .
    And I was thinking of whether trying to make the cross-fade of demonstration but, orz it can not be without the time

    Because we want to PR even a little said that the day after tomorrow, I think I want to live to tell us in songs full with Nico students from around 22:00 of 3/25 on Friday.

    it is possible if 1-2 songs want to come ask you because they think you want to post and also When the "this song of videos made by good to ^^" more videos nurses if Irassha~tsu me to Nico Nico even! ! I believe Toka.

    Please come to us play if you are interested.

    Now, through How can such respect to sales of the Japanese Red Cross Society in this Bopara 5, we plan to devote to donations to the people who have been affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
    This about and I can only cooperate against to the victims, but we wanted to be accustomed to help the reconstruction of even a little.
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