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Episode.0 Full version & PV

    Full version of the PV of Episode.0 was lifted! !
    ※ this time is real and w

    I thought cool Iiiiiiiii wwwwww although was listening once
    Gradually raised to go configuration from the beginning through the end this is to arrange is a large large very happy because the music itself that I wanted to do in Episode.0!

    However, there is also the I too terrible is singing force's GACKT but I thing that is different still enter the human singing voice.

    Falsetto → the Toka large rust to enter at Toka of large rust last falsetto → ah ah Aa It is the part that can not be easily expressed 's Vocaloid in C Mello. I am impressed. W In many ways

    PV also I thing was listening to that made along the original flow, but did not expect to become a faithful up to this w
    You or painter's also moving nurses san are willing?

    If ... If I made this PV in my picture! ?
    ... That I will not to think. . .

    Publisher: HPQ
    Release Date: 2011-07-13
    Powerd by AmazonLink 2.0.0 beta2.

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