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And Is the the is a birthday today HAHAHA

    It is why it had been always bought lots of cake in the cake shop to be through to the reward to myself that! !
    Today's dinner HAHAHA is ze was cake

    Stomachful it, but you got eat anymore!
    The photo Tottoke if ze was good HAHAHA

    Always I'm sleeping in Skype left on, but try and celebration messages look at the morning I thought I awfully message Kuruna me yesterday of midnight picoline picoline is full ... ;;

    And we received the message even Toka Toka Twitter Mixi is it is really inspiring ;;

    I also got a Thanks to send a fun day if there various first half of this year.
    It also This is also thanks to everyone cheering Toka people who are indebted.

    Also I think "is playing in earnest," you want to work hard to live with, as promised GACKT's at some Nikoraji the second half of this year!

    Future support is Best regards!

    By the way, I want to have a little stomach in the cake-eating too much ... ;;
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