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It will now sing and "Megutan Alien," "drive" in karaoke of Iron Man

    Delivery of the following content will be held at Kara iron original model of the Kara iron than business start time of each store of 1/26 (Thursday).

    Dancing ☆ Samurai [personal video]
    Dancing ☆ Samurai [personal video] [into song]
    Baton path [person video]
    Baton path [person video] [into song]
    Megutan Alien [personal video]
    Megutan Alien [personal video] [into song]
    Drive [personal video]
    Drive [person video] [into song]
    Dancing ☆ Samurai [Otaku horticultural Ver. ]
    Dancing ☆ Samurai [Otaku horticultural Ver. ] [Into song]

    Dancing ☆ Samurai [personal video] else is delivery of only Kara iron.
    Since the "baton pass," "Megutan Alien," "drive" is not sing in other karaoke, please try by all means also sing these songs when you sing in the Kara iron!

    Dancing ☆ Samurai [Otaku horticultural Ver. ], You can practice the wotagei of Dansamu w
    Please by all means try to also challenge here!

    [GUMI] Megutan Alien
    [Kamui Gakupo] baton pass
    [Kamui Gakupo] drive
    [Kamui Gakupo] Dancing ☆ Samurai

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