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[IPhone & Android] beat & Magicians Ver1.1 information

    Beat & Magicians

    Type: competitive rhythm game
    Corresponding terminal: iPhone Android support
    Price: Free (app billing Yes)
    The Carve a beat! Seize the rhythm! New sense of rhythm game "Beat & Magicians"! for short "Bimaji"! Magic and music dominate Aim the players and fight vertex in this world! !

    Present word function addition

    It becomes possible to GET a character or item by entering the "gift word" which is described in, for magazines and videos!
    And try to enter a keyword from the "Item" menu!
    Let's step-by-step if there is any gift word Check and powerful character also because there or in the miso P videos!
    Collaboration video also a appeared one after another!

    Events function addition

    So the event will be held in daily!
    events and the "consumption stamina" is reduced, we're "winning experience," "won Gold" When you play every genre of events such as music to increase deals to become such an event! Songs so as not to play usually also Let's play!

    Additional play bonus features

    Depending on the play of the results, "winning experience" and "win gold" is more!
    Percentage or a lot of "Furukonbo" "PERFECT" you can achieve, you you can win bonus when or give more damage than your opponent! I do not mind missing until the end!

    SNS sharing feature added

    You can share and played music in the SNS!
    Just what was shared, it will more and more I get "gold" is!
    Everyone also'll let playing with Bimaji around!

    Before confirmation function competition

    It is possible to confirm an opponent information only shortly before play!
    Partner Let's look at what comes challenged in any unit!

    Music, character, skills add

    New music five. Character 14 types. But additional skills large number!
    Music that you add it as follows!
    ※ The song list is also the date on which additional order to be changed in the daily music is unable to play, but please acknowledge.
    • ? ? ?
    • It was me have around (from "♪ you'll be in Kanimiso" album)
    • Mimic (from "♪ you'll be in Kanimiso" album)
    • ♪ I'll be in Kanimiso (from "♪ you'll be in Kanimiso" album)
    • Kagero (from "♪ you'll be in Kanimiso" album)

    Skills also "reduce the opponent's ability temporarily skills" such as also a new effect of skills have been added!
    Width I increase the strategy.


    There are a lot of where changes have been made to facilitate other to also play than such as "easy to see or the display at the time of level-up"!
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