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[IPhone & Android] beat & Magicians Ver1.2 information

    Beat & Magicians

    Type: competitive rhythm game
    Corresponding terminal: iPhone Android support
    Price: Free (app billing Yes)
    The Carve a beat! Seize the rhythm! New sense of rhythm game "Beat & Magicians"! for short "Bimaji"! Magic and music dominate Aim the players and fight vertex in this world! !

    Friend enhancements! Support member function added.


    And renewed the function of around friend! It became easier to see a friend.
    And the newly added "Support member function"!

    You do can hire a character that other users have as 5th of unit members as a support member!

    It will hire a strong character to make a lot of friends because a friend of character is displayed preferentially to list!

    Character greatly add! Skills also greatly add!

    We are adding a new character 40 or more! Of course skills also a significantly add!
    Let's make the only unit of their own with a lot of scout because there are various types of character!

    ※ by adding, it has to adjust the capacity balance between the character.
    Existing character also adjustment is applied, such as or increase the number of slots skills.

    Also, additional features that you can see the illustration of character.
    Let's grow your favorite character!

    My page function Add

    It is possible to confirm their information.
    My friend code is trying to confirm from here.

    Strengthen and anywhere screenshots of sharing feature

    It was enhanced to share images in a shared after the match.

    In addition, it was usually to take a screen shot by pressing the camera button at the top menu or during the time of illustrations confirmation of character to add a function that can be shared as it is one touch.
    You can post to SNS now easily his unit and get the character.

    Setting additional functions

    Volume and Vibe setting, you're adding a set menu that can be performed such as changing the user name! It can be changed from the "other".

    Change play videos posted destination

    We changed the play videos posted away from Everyplay to Lobi.
    Corresponding terminal is a little more, during recording of the performance has somewhat improved.

    Music added

    New music five.
    Music that you add it as follows!
    ※ The song list is also the date on which additional order to be changed in the daily music is unable to play, but please acknowledge.
    • LOVE DROID (from the album "SHOOTING STAR")
    • Silent Fears (from the album "SHOOTING STAR")
    • Diamond (from the album "SHOOTING STAR")
    • SHOOTING STAR (from the album "SHOOTING STAR") ※ add in the next minor version upgrade
    • In a small cradle (from the album "SHOOTING STAR") ※ Add in the next minor version upgrade


    There are many places that changed in such a manner as to facilitate play than other also "character list can see that you can get the scout" and the like have been added!

    ※ The main when bug fixes, opponent activates a "skills to reduce the opponent's ability", the character of the status bar at the fix · iOS7 a problem that had to kill the bug to kill at revised and some Android terminal Fixed but the problem was not overlap with characters in the app
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