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[IPhone & Android] beat & Magicians Ver1.3 information

Beat & Magicians

Type: competitive rhythm game
Corresponding terminal: iPhone Android support
Price: Free (app billing Yes)
The Carve a beat! Seize the rhythm! New sense of rhythm game "Beat & Magicians"! for short "Bimaji"! Magic and music dominate Aim the players and fight vertex in this world! !

Significantly change the design!

Including the UI design, and renewed all the design in the game.
We changed "well brackets" than a more "understandable".

※ With the redesign, many features have been added, modified, or deleted.
What was the Lord will be the following.

[Parameters related]
• To change the [level] of the user in the name of [rank].
Change to the numerical representation of the [LEVEL1 ~ 8] from the letter notation of-the level of the music [G ~ A].
The change in representation of the number of [★] from letter notation [G ~ A] The rarity of character.
• The icon of the skill. It is expressed in the number of [★] The rarity of skills.
· Opponent confirmation when Show [formidable degree] in. The strength of the opponent we now understand at a glance.
Unit to display the [attribute matching degree] at the time of selection. Unit that matches the music is now at a glance.

[Fixed portion]
- The top of the button function it was an only one Delete ※ capture button (voice of mute, friend, direct button to the message).
- Delete the user's experience value-related information that has been displayed in the upper ※ I can confirm my page.
• To change the name of the [play] in the lower button on the [Home].

Change notation [match play] a - [VSMode].
• To change the setting of the flow of the match played in the "music" → "opponent" → "unit" → "difficulty" → "confirmation".
· Music selection when, I was to display the music of the candidate in a hierarchical structure of folders.
※ music which can be enjoyed free of charge will be able to choose from are stored in the "daily music" folder.
Music which was obtained by the shop ※ The folder of each artist is created in the top folder,
You will from there to be able to select the appropriate music.
• When opponent selection, change to display the candidate in one of the scrolling list.
※ it has squeezed the number of overall candidates.
Recording and play-by-play button is changed to direct the play begins by pressing the button.
Item drop at the time, changes in expression treasure box is falling from above.
Play result screen display to fit in one of the screen.
And it displays the evaluation of [G ~ A] depending on the play of the results.
- By degree of difficulty to match the consumption stamina that have been changed change the value of the consumption stamina acquisition experience Gold also has been changed.

• The method of editing unit can now be changed by selecting direct character at significantly revamped unit switching screen.
Unit name change and I can be done at this screen.
• Each character verification hour, you can also edit skill When you select a skill icon.
- Removed the function [Conclusion selected].

• The change to the left luggage office] the name of the deleted or [not acquired list] the [newly acquired item list].
• To go directly to the character from the skill list of functions that someone with a skill the functions of addition and [gift word] to [other] menu.
- The function of the [item code] [other] we've added to the menu.

· [Population] the expression appears only delete scout cost.
Add animation in the Scout.
• When the character selection of scout, you can now also be confirmed skills of detail.

· [Tutorials] Delete the [message] ※ new features instead Contains.

[Music play screen]
• The character of icon it was big.
And display of character names you have deleted.
• When skills imposition of character, I have to issue a text of greater skill name and effect.
• When the character of skill gauge has accumulated, it was so put out by blowing the lines, respectively.
Combo skills, we have changed the effect of the time of Fever skills triggered.

"Free play", "shop" is open!

[Free Play]
Mode you can play without stamina consumption.

Is not intended to fight with the unit,
Play with the aim for a high score like a normal rhythm game.
Aiming for the top ranking of the score is also good!
Also in the practice of the competition play beautiful handy mode.

You can put the music in hand.
※ prism is required to obtain music.

If you put the music in hand also play no music at other match play that will let play with "free play" in daily and will be able to play every day!
Put in the hands of the favorite songs, let's aim to Ranker of the song!

New music greatly add

[Finally ban the music other than Kanimiso P! ]
And greatly added and 20 songs a new music such as "para-dichlorobenzene" woven cotton P's!
We are asked to participate as well as pick-up user to each creator-like, you'll enjoy more hot battle!

Many of the new features such as Lobi certified community features timing adjustment function

In addition to which it has become possible to post a play video and play-by-play videos on Nico Nico Douga
It is now possible to take the other players and the communication by certified community features of Lobi.
In addition, each user the timing of the touch that was different by the terminal is I added the ability to own the adjustment can be.

Character Add

We have been to add a new character and skills.
Also a possibility that you can get a rare character in a future catastrophic events Maybe? !

Tutorial significant changes

Significant changes to be more clearly the tutorial.
We will continue with dialogue and character.
Nyabi and will Shitashimo the world of Wonder and fun Bimaji!

※ I will consider only the difference to the direction of new play from this version.
It does not appear to those who had been made a tutorial in the old version.

Other Changes

-Recording function in Android will be stopped temporary use from reasons such as a large sound shift.
It will resume as soon as use can be eliminated in a future version up, please wait for a while

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