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I saw the movie "The Hurt Locker"

    Yesterday, I saw the movie "Hurt Locker" go to the cinema in the middle of the night in the momentum that went for a drink with friends.
    What the movie or even without knowing, also does not know that you are a big success at the Academy Awards, I saw exactly without prior information.

    The impression that I saw, it was honest subtle.
    It was would likely sleeping with anyone the way a series of similar scene.
    It was not a like going to see is out also 1800 yen at the cinema.

    Just last, Academy Award since had Cause I think the likely to receive the United States successfully talk collectively have have to deal was subject is think also be there Ariccia.

    Do not it want to go to see because the movies I District 9, which was in front of the publicity of the movie was interesting ('Д `)

    Hurt Locker [DVD]
    Publisher: Pony Canyon
    Release Date: 2010-09-02
    Powerd by AmazonLink 2.0.0 beta2.
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    パソコンで閲覧可能です。 iPhone・スマートフォンで閲覧可能です。 携帯電話で閲覧可能です。 22 Mar 2010 (Mon) @ 19:15

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