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Bopara end!

    Yesterday 3/28 Bopara 3 end.
    It was cheers for good work people participating.
    Who is your voice had you poppy, it was also those who together with the launch cheers for good work!

    In the prior information, even though the participating number also participants I had heard that by little but famous P us than Bomasu, (and w in front of the booth there were P solve the runaway P is of my eyes)
    Many people than expected had been coming.

    Speaking I said, stumbling that not a day before the night all sleep is the challenge not to the hard chair of the Kyoto entering the Nekafe, yet to completely useless gone dry ink white pen of the lid, which has been prepared for pop is disconnected Mr.
    Still, it was very fun to be able to talk with many people.

    It was the first expedition was able to enjoy are a wide variety

    and it's home Nagoya, but although I have not decided yet whether it is scheduled to be wandering in the coming youth 18 ticket where to go, I think that it is. start go where you have not already done.
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    1. tuji than:
      Tired. I've been working hard (^ ω ^)
      28th it was folded in Osaka, which was bought unconstitutional to Kyoto.
    2. mathru than:
      Oh! ! It did was so.
      Also I Ya mon you want gathered in the laboratory members

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