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Wordpress → Twitter & Mixi & Nyappon & Vocaloid SNS

    Finally finished! !
    If you write an article on Wordpress as Twitter timeline, Mixi, Nyappon, now Gakupo SNS, it is copied to the diary of Luke SNS!
    (Maybe this article also ...!)

    From before the MIXI, it was viewed as an external blogs to read the RSS.
    However, Then must be placed one cushion to fly from MIXI I thought Naa unless somehow.
    Sometimes you have migrated to Wordpress, I found a nice plug or no wonder the following plug-ins where I thought something.


    Just because it does not use 's current version, remodeling and Chacha~tsu.
    Because another of incidentally, was significantly remodeled and I'll post also Nyapponyara other SNS w

    In addition, the program so as to adjust also the Atari because HTML tags had thought would not be displayed.

    This sentence submission system that finally convincing in is finished!

    Imantoko like this. .

    PC (Twit) or iPhone (EchoPhone)
    → Twitter
    → mathru net (Twitter widget) & Mixi voice (Twitter2Mixi) & amoeba Nau (Twitter2Mixi) & gree (murmur)

    PC (browser) or iPhone (Wordpress for iPhone)
    → Wordpress (mathru net text)
    → Twitter (title only) & Mixi diary & Nyappon diary & gree diary (RSS) & Gakupo SNS diary & Luke SNS diary
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    パソコンで閲覧可能です。 iPhone・スマートフォンで閲覧可能です。 携帯電話で閲覧可能です。 Apr 2010 (Sat) @ 08:03

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    1. fujimi than:
      Recently because PublishToMixi is no longer used and have examined various, we arrive at here.

      Those yourself remodeling, what's not your will be published?
    2. mathru than:
      > Fujimi Mr. Hmm. . That's right.
      It Besides the source code is dirty, When it comes to distribution, since they've been to other unrelated functions (like short code) Moi is in one of the plug-in or was quite cumbersome.

      We want to form to be distributed in modified once feel like it.
      Excuse me. . (M'· ω · `) m

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