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IPad as a musical instrument

    Or ELECTRIBE also "iPad as a musical instrument" in iPad app Hammond to flowering at once

    Yesterday, ELECTRIBE from four seasons P is I was taught that out as iPad app.
    I think this is very interesting.
    Perhaps the future, not only synthesizer as has come out even iPhone
    Toka turntable for the DJ, or would not have not you come out also interesting instrument that takes advantage of touch ...
    I've become a little want. .

    When I saw the first iPad, you can use even as an instrument I was thought to be little or not it too large even as e-book terminal, which is expected, but that said, in the "half-baked" as a mobile terminal as a PC, for example sketchbook We feel a strong possibility when you can use it as.

    In addition, to will be very attention by simply definitive Innovation Pong this kind of large display in such events such as Comiket, it likely can also be used as a communication tool with participants.

    iPad is actually, a person of the creator, you are a little and I think we will be very innovative, and essential tool expected especially for coterie shop.

    Where is or wonder out from Japan ...
    Yappa SB ??
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    パソコンで閲覧可能です。 iPhone・スマートフォンで閲覧可能です。 携帯電話で閲覧可能です。 2010/04/04 (Sun) @ 21:11

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