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opera mini for iPhone

    I've used immediately because out app opera mini on iPhone

    try compared with the find anybody not safari and it means that the first genuine non-browser apps on the iPhone

    Safari slightly read the early impression, the entire display ⇒ expansion Tteyuu view how the page than-is very easy to operate, overall moving briskly (personally Maybe I prefer movement was Nume~tsu of safari)
    Display of some of the web page is subtle, (some css tag unsupported & page itself or because of not support opera mini)
    Page in the search can be <= This is called full-screen and to display the display area is slightly wider · opera link correspondence (it is possible to synchronize the Yara bookmark from opera browser of PC)
    - Is subtle behavior of javascript (Sucks by updated once the entire page with additional reading in Ajax, also if you have attached a google adsense, than under the page it is no longer displayed at all)

    The impression, such as unsatisfactory in to personally because it uses opera even PC use Although comfortable want to use the here than safari

    Expected to future versions.
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    パソコンで閲覧可能です。 iPhone・スマートフォンで閲覧可能です。 携帯電話で閲覧可能です。 2010/04/14 (Wed) @ 15:16

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