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Summer Komi's first participation woven cotton

    Yesterday (8/14 Saturday), we have finished the first circle participation in the first summer Komi

    What is not know without permission from the first time I was of course a necessary thing in vain struggling in'll not become unless we have CD in hand have gone back home to the mailing is possible period to imperceptibly I throw away venue (;'Д `)

    Even those who can to come towards Ya always that it is not apparent in the Toka usually Bomasu,
    And to many people was it was fun gluteal Mobile also popular cleaner if I have come Na w
    I was was the best if not even that hot but ·· w

    Yesterday, in order to walk to have stuffed the 400 sheets a little of CD in carrier bags + carry bag of both shoulders now very sore muscles

    One day apart while relieved that it does not become a sentence still old man is not hurt also only does not work anymore minimum today with the decision

    Anyway, the next is scheduled participate in Bokafan it (but I think w)
    In addition, we are happy when you come!
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    1. Hibeni than:
      It is cheers for good work I It is regrettable that it was today (15, 2008) summer miso P's circle 14 days on whether went Komi;
    2. Kamiyanagi than:
      It was the summer Komi cheers for good work! ! Kamiyanagi thing is the person that noisy P.
      With a CD, w I'm sorry to go to suddenly greeting
      I think that pretty words and deeds and behavior was suspicious. W that I have completely tension

      Dan ☆ in ever since Sam fan, I like especially Ichifuji Nitaka three eggplant. Downlink "~ you can reach eggplant" last of the lyrics I wonder come up with how can I make sure! w that and I was impressed when I first listened

      After that, electro ★ Queen also like, w you can not think you want to once again revive the Kero voice version

      So, do your best from now on! ! Because I support you!
    3. mathru than:
      It is thanks over was tired!
      It is above all in like enjoyed everyone people who did not come some people who this is regards cheer because you work hard in the future!
    4. From Mamiya:
      Nice to meet you, good evening.
      I was allowed to buy "Maisamurai-gumi" in summer is included in the room rate. (Of course, Dansamu is already purchased)
      Surprised to open the package. CD label is something different ....
      Only white background characters (black), "musik soda," "mirage" and the lower side and "musik-001" only.
      "Maisamurai-gumi" in the title and Kanimiso P of name at all without such.
      But, I think the music data is what "Maisamurai-gumi".
      If it if you want, or will not be available to up the CD label?

      By the way, when I Gugutsu with the contents of the above, I'll band called "musik soda" came out and launch the 1st mini album called "mirage" to 9/1 (laughs)
    5. mathru than:
      Thank you for buying the album at the beginning let alone summer Komi.

      Thank you for your report.
      In fact, we will have already received the same often your report.
      Really sorry. . .

      It plans to soon announce but it was decided to get to exchange about what is I guess mistake of printing house where it was already taking also confirmed to the print shop.

      Rashiku mistakes label side only, for other already because it is okay for the content that got into the hands of everyone who will be associated with exchange by personal delivery of only mailing, or events such as those of the applicant.

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