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Archives: 2011/01

New Year of situation etc ..

    Well everyone Happy New Year (late

    Because did not Nan'nimo blog updated doing Yara Yara album production new song I have written a lot at once there was year-end and New Year holidays of situation in hereabouts.

    1. Kotobukiya of Boca Russia charity album "ECHO" is we have been participating in the "Fairey ☆ feathering" released Miku song.
    Famous P numerous participation! ※ Since I had put in the way of "mathru", you name floated w

    2. TV program "Boca Russian Revolution"
    CULNOZA will be participating in, we were allowed to offer two songs the CUL song drama of BGM in the program.

    3. Smiling musical east Memoirs the "Episode.0" I was using in Sakuchu!
    And I went to watch, pretty and interesting was w

    We also out of the original album CD!

    Smiling east memoirs original album
    Publisher: BinaryMixx Records
    Release Date: 2011-01-05
    Powerd by AmazonLink 2.0.0 beta2.

    4. The "bamboo basket not want to work" Chaku of
    You can be accessed from the relevant page of the blog.

    5. Yamaha mook "I try to sing the Vocaloid song God !!"
    Dansamu have been recorded.

    Vocaloid God to try to sing a song !! (Yamaha Mook Series 85)
    Publisher: Yamaha Music Media
    Release Date: 2011-01-21
    Powerd by AmazonLink 2.0.0 beta2.

    Maybe ... or would not in this about
    After that, I like that Toka Yo went back home and Toka Yo bought personal computer.
    If there is a Twitter will somehow blog becomes neglected ne w
    Care to update now

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