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Archives: 2011/04

EXIT TUNES PRESENTS sparkling Hyakka masquerade feat. Kamui Gakupo

Title as EXIT TUNES Nogakupo Ver. Will be released!

Please by all means buy means you because I offers Dancing Samurai!
Softening is a bargain with a lot of benefits!

↓ we have started booking in the Amazon!

EXIT TUNES PRESENTS sparkling Hyakka masquerade feat. Kamui Gakupo from calyx-ish etc. (jacket illustrator left) [with Limited original strap]
Publisher: Exit Tunes
Release Date: 2011-04-20
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Title name ■: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS sparkling Hyakka dance feat Kamui Gakupo from calyx-ish etc. ■ Release Date:. 4 月 20 日 年 2011 ■ jacket illustrator: Left ■ Price: ¥ 2,000
No. ■: QWCE-00190
■ official HP:
■ 5 Peel off put large benefits ①, it can be used repeatedly!
Glitter Hyakka dance smartphone / IC Kadoyupo (R) · Suction Tuck (R) sticker !!
② left to draw! Enclosing a credit card-type fake card !!
③ draw the separation possible !! left! Original Cellphone gift !!
In answer to the questionnaire of ④CD enclosed, Gleam Hyakka ball clear file all applicants gift !!
⑤ oversized in the shop B2 size sparkling Hyakka dance poster gift !!
※ design is an image. ※ privilege is not for sale.
※ fake cards do not have a credit card.
※ Cellphone, poster there is a limited number.

■ Track List
1. Dancing ☆ Samurai / mathru (Kanimiso P) feat. Kamui Gakupo
2. Loss of monochrome / otetsu feat. Kamui Gakupo
3. Vu~enomania public of madness / mothy_ Evil P feat. Kamui Gakupo
4. Butterfly / thee P feat. Kamui Gakupo
5. Gale / Noripiー feat. Kamui Gakupo
6. breathing / team broiled Toro bowl feat. Kamui Gakupo
7. People wolf Rhapsody / Suzuki P feat. Kamui Gakupo
8. absolute prison / Machigerita feat. Kamui Gakupo
9. kiss moment -DISCLOSER ver.- / Re:. NG with prkr feat Kamui Gakupo
10.In the name of God / ROY feat. Kamui Gakupo
11.Good-Morning! / Rubber feat. Kamui Gakupo
12. miracle efficacious Chinpo temple / dead ball P feat. Kamui Gakupo
13.Set Up Hurry (2011mix) / support bone feat. Kamui Gakupo
14.Paranoid Doll / SCL Project (natsuP) feat. Kamui Gakupo
15.Dr. rear list / cosMo @ runaway P feat. Kamui Gakupo
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