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[Coterie album] KANIMISO A2K


Artist: mathru
Price: ¥ 1,000
Release Date: 2012/08/10
Publisher: mathru net
"Bacterial contamination - Bacterial Contamination -" and "nose hair song", the album, including such as "LoveDroid". From A of Kanimiso P to around K is I am in listen!

[Kanimiso P new album] KANIMISO A2K [crossfade demo]

マイリスト : 13 Views: 1,121 Comments: 43 Tel: 13
Duration: 11:55
Post time: 2012 22:33
Kanimiso is P thing mathru. It is a cross-fade demonstration of new album "KANIMISO A2K". This album Komikkuma ...
Nose hair song Vocaloid most picture a nice softening Ya~tsu albums and videos ...
1. Justice corps Chanbara theme feat. Kamui Gakupo by mathru
2. A feat. Hatsune Miku by mathru
3. LoveDroid feat. GUMI by mathru
4. whim format feat. Hatsune Miku by mathru
5. nose hair song feat. Kamui Gakupo by mathru
6. Fairey ☆ feathering feat. Hatsune Miku by mathru
7. bacterial contamination - Bacterial Contamination -. Feat Hatsune Miku by mathru
8. feat counting rhymes of darkness. Hatsune Miku by mathru
9. Street Hajikko dance hall of the "heart" feat. GUMI by mathru
10. Megutan Alien feat. GUMI by mathru
11. windmill feat. Kamui Gakupo by mathru
12. Supernova Remnant feat. Hatsune Miku by mathru
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  2. Produced by: Milt Weiss

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