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[Coterie album] Dancing ☆ Samurai

Dancing ☆ Samurai

Artist: mathru
Price: ¥ 1,000
Release Date: Sep 2009
Publisher: mathru net
First coterie album of Kanimiso P. And finished with Gakupo only album of 12 songs total of which, including the popular song "Dancing ☆ Samurai".
1. Dancing ☆ Samurai by mathru
3. JackKnife by mathru
4. scales load (Gakupo Ver.) By mathru
5. baton pass by mathru
6. Happy Time by mathru
7. Drop out by mathru
8. eggplant is like by mathru
9. snowy town by mathru
10. Ichifuji Nitaka three eggplant by mathru
11. Asymmetric World by mathru
12. Episode.0 by mathru
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