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[Coterie event] THE VOC @ LOiD M @ STER19


Date and time
02月05日年2012 (Sun) 11: 30~15: 00
Tokyo: Ikebukuro Sunshine City World Import Mart fourth floor exhibition hall A2 · 3 B07

Event Summary

As usual we'll do shelters of red crab.
Certainly causes ease ~.

■ ~ distribution thing, and Bushido It is the way of the Samurai ~ Kamui Gakupo ¥ 1000
Details → Http://Mathru.Net/discography/1378.Html
· Sing a song ¥ 1000
Details → Http://Mathru.Net/discography/1355.Html
Dancing ☆ Samurai Arrange Album "Maisamurai-gumi" ¥ 1500
Details → Http://Mathru.Net/discography/888.Html
Dancing ☆ Samurai ¥ 1800
Details → Http://Mathru.Net/discography/210.Html
· Gluteal Mobile cleaner ¥ 300
Details → Http://Mathru.Net/products/1297.Html

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