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[Game events] smiling Compete conference 2015

Smiling Compete conference

Date and time
01月31日年2015 (Sat) 10: 30~18: 00
Chiba Makuhari Messe circle throwing Square B9
Admission fee
¥ 1,500

Event Summary

Two days from January 31, 2015 smiling Compete meeting that takes place.
Bimaji also participated both days.
You can play the Bimaji Ver.1.3 has changed greatly!

Please come by all means play it is possible to play a large amount of added new song!

We will send you a gift word as a memorial to those who are coming.
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パソコンで閲覧可能です。 iPhone・スマートフォンで閲覧可能です。 携帯電話で閲覧可能です。 2015/01/19 (Mon) @ 19:42

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