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[Kamui Gakupo] was intends name down

[Kamui Gakupo] [with original PV] was intends name down the

マイリスト : 4,166 Views: 93,823 Comments: 7,985 Tel: 4,166
Duration: 4:28
Posted date: 28 July 2011 Google Translation 21:54
Kanimiso P "This is but ... !! 's my true form" Music & Movie: mathru @ Kanimiso PTwitter: mat ...
sssssssss wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww not choose the work style is (over _ over) also attached to hear to be ...

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編曲: mathru 歌: 神威がくぽ Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: Kamui Gakupo
The sewing even if it × 4
This herb occurs come HANAGE

This OKEKE grow up by activating life reaction to protect the front line abnormality only oversupply intake nozzle of Gomihokori

From a full-length abnormal kun Toko up earlier whiff is worked defense instinct from sight better sense of shame or unplugging by this HANAGE

Trivial place we rubbed it becomes flawless world is also out of the question other than the apex of beauty Twink layer pay attention eyes heaven

Voice of last night I was doing said in a phone to be "too ... I underestimate me?" What, "I'm home ... two o'clock just the morning" handset

There was reality in buckwheat can tear off your head while invisible even opponent to fight in heavier than the world say only

The sewing When × 4
KAMIGE it does not come grow

It has thrown out struggle instinct for love oversupply Deco hairline front abnormal male hormone balding this OKEKE

If it washed off trembling with fear, even while prevention method practice every time you shampoo and disappear to questions asked drainage ditch this KAMIGE

··· W always constantly bearded byword I also want to have the mind of weeds as HANAGE

So even sewing and × 16
It grows to Come this OREEEEEEEEEEEE! ! ! ! ! 111

The sewing even if it × 4
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