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[GUMI / Power] LoveDroid

[GUMI / Power] LoveDroid [VOCALOID3 original songs]

マイリスト : 1,052 Views: 17,190 Comments: 593 Tel: 1,052
Duration: 3:54
Posted date: 13 October 2011 20:24
Kanimiso is P thing mathru. Vocaloid3 the "GUMI / Power" I was singing in trial! It is relatively simple ...
It does not say so much good either? Breath Na say is Azatoi w Hmm Well it is not growth kana Well

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編曲: mathru 歌: GUMI Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: GUMI
Of my selfish feelings about given heart to be filled love that is poured it will be amplified

(I cant feel your love)

Just always happy returns error Just After contact me
LOVE is calculator
My heart is knowing the love program

The beating of my heart full of heart Haribote fake break up everyday empty is transmitted to you

(Where is your love?)

And only a small affection returns error Just After contact me
LOVE is circulator
My heart seek love program

(If you are not going to say anything)
(I will stay by you gently)
(If you will talk to me. I will nod with a smile)
(It's fine if its unfair. It's fine if its too much)
(I just want to be loved by you)
(I just want to feel what you feel)
(That's it ... That's it ...)

Just my affection returns received If an error only to Kimi
LOVE is nothing there
Program unawares reality to repeat words I the like is only return error Just Once changed my
LOVE is calculator
My heart is dumb program

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  1. Megumi-Manon than:
    Hello : D
    My username is Megumi-Manon.

    I Love GUMI! I want to translate your song "Love Droid" of GUMI please.

    And if you want though I translated, can you give me the romaji for the song?

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