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[Hatsune Miku] bacterial contamination - Bacterial Contamination -

[Hatsune Miku] bacterial contamination - Bacterial Contamination - [3DPV]

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Duration: 3:56
Post time: 2012 20:53
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編曲: mathru 歌: 初音ミク Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Hatsune Miku
"I decided in Atashi et al.," "I Even the guy to ignore."
"I'm good if Chae crush guy is collectively involved in him? (Laughs)"

"I Mukatsuka What guy? (Laughs)" target I had been rumors someone's Atashi something in such a simple Wake

Hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts sick also inescapable and recent heart Kimi is suffering from bacterial contamination

I do not even anywhere Nante escape even if I thought I do not have anyone What a even ally think I "Tasukete," "painful"

And of I want to do with the Daremokamo contemptuous Atashi ...?
... Heart goes out to where the Atashi I break?

I want to be faster easier to doing by someone transferred to someone in the road deviation

And because it is a helping hand to gently to me daughter apologize me "I'm sorry" to Atashi

It depends on bacterial contamination Kimi is not Moi clean sick anymore incredible and recent "Joshiki" also

Hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts me Kimi was alive I will want and least strongly spread bacterial contamination

Because even bacterial contamination heal mood was transferred to that girl that became another well Ahaa the Aha Ha ha

It depends on bacterial contamination wound can not die even clean I jumped on the other Fusagan not and shortest

The spread bacterial contamination and the final Kimi from another nobody hurts hurts want sore sore sore sore have had painful stomach and want to stay alone
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  1. Tiger. From:
    Come be contaminated
  2. Tara from:
    totemo suki! XD i cant write japanese on this computer TARTER SAUCE!
  3. α than:
    The Hmm ... find I feel is.
  4. Hundred than Sakura:
    Cool (((o (* ° ▽ ° *) o)))
    This song also PV also Shie-chan is also love.
    Message to the bullying will come transmitted ....
  5. From Alto:
    Cool characters and PV, is the lyrics!

    First saw I was feeling a but very shocking, I felt feelings against bullying!
  6. Than Hiromi:
    Bullying you know well or that how much had been tormented man is my Nante really easy to sing by Anyway I hope deino's Video and tone voice is not match it is this child itself but please make without hesitation in the future

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