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[Kamui Gakupo] kaleidoscope

[Kamui Gakupo] kaleidoscope [VOCALOID3 original VV]

マイリスト : 2,586 Views: 83,094 Comments: 3,533 Tel: 2,586
Duration: 4:44
Post time: 11 Jul 2012 22:02
on whether it mathru is miso P. This time, we've created a demo song of ish etc. Vocaloid3 version calyx! Did you use ...
Belly is not growing do you do? Also like this like nose hair also Torture running samurai and songs vacant ...

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編曲: mathru 歌: 神威がくぽ Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: Kamui Gakupo
The flowers begin to bloom have not you or you are bosom at night that looks good will months at where (main) figure

Wind are you doing? Rain is raining or umbrella blowing in the hands of different someone not me

Koko bright (Higa) Ru debris mirror of this memory 's Liaoning this cylindrical box in the (box)

View in the moonlit night of Rengeso thousands of Kanade tears world kaleidoscope blue sky pattern darkness heaven pattern ephemeral and sparkling debris

Emotional (heart) because also fly with people flat 's reincarnation so thousands of virtual "like" The day-to-day it was told of the mirage just navy blue butterfly Blue Sky

Forget pass away your debris

Figure Hua that out stomach blooming do you do you will have what you or bosom at night the stars look better (main)

Dream has it Do you love with or Kimi in the arms of different someone not me

Koko bright (Higa) Ru I signed under thousand Comments ten thousand clause l words of this starry sky

Tears eyes that showed so only true virtual that day real intention is the kaleidoscope star heaven pattern darkness heaven pattern memories beyond the universe (sky)

Unleash to place pointing the Huaguang the changing Quruli Quruli Ah ...

Emotional (heart) from the world when kaleidoscope blue sky pattern darkness heaven pattern is transitory to see are so each other so thousands Rinne

Because you in the day-to-day that it was said to Rengeso thousands of seafood "like" fly or with people flat 's mirage golden butterfly Blue Sky

And because I also future light each other's Rengeso several thousand Yuku and sparkling kaleidoscope star heaven pattern Blue Sky pattern Koko

Your debris out tame it anymore Blue Sky Beyond ...

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