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[Chara sound Shingo] crying NIGHT

[Chara sound Shingo] crying NIGHT [original songs PV]

マイリスト : 1,275 Views: 38,805 Comments: 1,686 Tel: 1,275
Duration: 3:10
Post time: 2012/11/24 20:47
on whether it mathru is miso P. Original song Fujimori Shingo produce new Vocaloid "Chara sound Shingo" is sing ...
It becomes what this hip Upotsu 88888888888888888 "VY2 work choose www I~ee Beibeeee Pira ...

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編曲: mathru 歌: チャラ音シンゴ Lyrics: mathru & Fujimori Shingo composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Chara sound Shingo
Go end job! Giroppon!
For now beer? NON NON NON

Long night of Chara sound! very well!
Flashy to call! Champagne PON!

Ecstatic address 1000 modus operandi in the 10000 reviews greeting instead of the usual Nampa

Course until the morning? I and the full course?
Start time is the last train time!

She incoherent you have drunk the last line breakdown of negotiations which is Neba~tsu

Oiler isolated Muen remaining request as "Give me a taxi."

Address No Get feedback zero point "in the SNS might go?!" Nante

I stayed search to try! Lucky!
Friend request denied! ? (° д °)

It does not come and now go another intersection of Nishi-Azabu?
And I hope I hope and I hope to establish a couple sideways

and Oh Baby Charachara in to the standing girl you do not fascinated Tokoro is cool!

My Darlin 'tomorrow of Kimi it' s not today's Kimi can show me what smile?

and Oh Baby to boo-hoo to the standing girl is useless in soup Dasadasa of Toco!

Take it easy! Today is there is a tomorrow Even ×!
Someday Even Kimi who is Toriko of Oiler!

and Oh Baby Charachara to I do not show friendly Tokoro the girl to stand!

My Honey Today's Kimi tomorrow Kimi to have at Son also Minna importance for Oiler!

I do not fascinated Tokoro is cool to the Yeah Baby Charachara to the standing girl!

My Darlin 'Today's Kimi also and give me the best smile oiler tomorrow Kimi!

and Oh Baby is to dwell to the standing girl is useless in soup Dasadasa of Toco!

Take it easy! Today is there is a tomorrow Even ×!
Someday Even Kimi who is Toriko of Oiler!

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