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[Hatsune Miku] nano∞universe

[Hatsune Miku] nano∞universe [Story animation PV]

マイリスト : 241 Views: 6,814 Comments: 158 Tel: 241
Duration: 5:01
Post time: 2014/09/24 20:00
Movie: Yakumoreo Playlist: mylist / 38639741Music: mathru @ Kanimiso PPlaylist: mylist / 4413700Blog ...
I wish I complete high w cool but too early professional picture of PV, this interest is whether a young ...

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編曲: mathru 歌: 初音ミク Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Hatsune Miku
I have the dream to the world closed future loneliness of Hazama that faded

to what meaning is grief traveling through the cheek, but it should not like to lose?

Nano∞universe to fight for heal now pain of Kimi
The tenderness that smile to the heart accelerated

The important of So quick guide to the top hotels, holding even sadness in this little world for Kimi locations I

Much more distant though they had hoped future to each other laugh happy world

but it should not, such as those breaking it's hurts chest every time you play this trigger

Also for closing the open hole and antidepressant nano∞universe
Was fun memories to mind control of my

That when the truth of the so embrace every day of infinite in this small world that had laugh

It is screaming voice was trembling as "just ... you wanted to stay beside"

Weak this voice likely disappear the ray of light that reached out from the infinite darkness

Now the fight to protect wishes of Kimi nano∞universe
The tenderness that smile to the heart accelerated

Important for So hugged infinite dream of in this small world for Your feelings I

And unleash from this world!
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