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Winding of "Megpoid sing an original song" SHOOTING STAR '"

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Duration: 4:53
Post time: 2009/06/27 02:58
Domo, it is your long time. Kanimiso is P thing mathru. The fact that the Gakupo of little sister, the island bought with Megu Po ...
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編曲: mathru 歌: GUMI Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: GUMI
(The stars shining in the sky)
(The light running across the space between the stars)

(How many people are watching the sky?)
(How many feelings are faced to the sky?)

(If I find a running shooting star in the sky)
(What will I wish? What will I hope?)

The shooting star

I wish you continued thought fleetingly that you want to continue to pray to close light flows ray eyes in the darkness of the universe

I feel strength to become It 's shine only in the "really" moment

Let Deliver this song of the universe Kakenukero only life of the lamp by my star to Kimi
The shooting star
to continue to pray so that this will not stop desire even a moment's life that has been given

Someone would have seen the same sky (But still there are people that does not notice it)
Someone would put the same wish (But there are people who do not receive the feelings)
Someone might be crying and crouched in the near me we were to have caught grab happiness

I do not sing only of poetry and we have dreamed Yeah well he anyone

As unexpected Shimawa disappear that will Sarakedaso everything by light of life of stars Kakenukero this universe
The shinning star
so that eternity is not stopped even walking as wrapped us

Let Deliver this song now by light of life of stars Kakenukero this universe only to Kimi
The shooting star
In this light continues to sing so that it is alive strongly changed to Kimi of hope

Continue prayer
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