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[Kamui Gakupo] Episode.0

Winding of "Kamui Gakupo sing an original song" Episode.0 '"

マイリスト : 8,990 Play: 424,796 Comments: 11,556 Tel: 8,990
Duration: 5:57
Post time: 2009/07/30 00:24
Everyone Thank you very much! ! ! And while now that the CD by GACKT Mr. himself will be released in coming July 13 ...
Gakupo 88888888888888888 eggplant a Sunasunasu eggplant eggplant Gakuko 888888888888 Tomoe Kaoru Tomoe who was here PV reproduction ...

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編曲: mathru 歌: 神威がくぽ Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: Kamui Gakupo
Take the world even if what the sacrifice because so I is a red dye world of the Warring States is the world the sword for the ambition who grab the dream

Body was steeped in blood if the care to know his own immaturity is not written letter to his hometown of mother without everything Reflecting on

Pours down the heartless rain without even salvation after people loser us is that it was defeated in the cruel war

Dream fall and dew in tomb

Gently sad melody coming hear from a distance beyond

Girl is crystal clear voice seems to be singing somewhere resounding

That's suddenly important and tears spilled fallen peace that hometown is thought floated singing voice was noticed to me the most

I do want to be in existence, such as able to save the people in the singing voice as if born leather is if this voice of girl

Ah If now I was removing the someone of burden as is the case
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  1. Than passing:
    Or installation of this song, will not not regret anymore?

    Gackt's version only?
  2. Than passing:
    I made a mistake···

    Would not have been published?

    Nice to meet you.

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