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[GUMI] Megutan Alien

[GUMI original songs] Megutan Alien [Popopopopopopopopo]

マイリスト : 957 Views: 21,958 Comments: 945 Tel: 957
Duration: 5:11
Post time: 2010/06/22 18:37
(V) (`· ω · ') (V) Shakin Megutan" Popopo ...? "" ... On whether Nikanika "Kanimiso Megutan" Popopopopo! ...
Oic! The Megutan ... in what only ray of light from the next hand to tag


編曲: mathru 歌: GUMI Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: GUMI
and though very clean, which is not visible to the star Kimi sparkling love was born

I want to hog the Kimi of pure heart want to be Ultraman

As my buckwheat Become a Megutan star people I'll break the place where the Kimi Become a tan star people and Megu and I think the special is yo look at me that I'll hit the town inhabited by Kimi seems to be the best one day

Should this my feelings can be seen someday changes in it small fait accompli

Kimi not accustomed to Ultraman is remembering Hagayuku to 苛立 in mind

Become a Megutan star people to say it's my thing is like best someday that I'll laugh in places where it is cold feelings I'll burn the town inhabited by Kimi or where you live to become with hot so as to Megu Tan Alien

Because I want to raise a timid strength in the minds of Kimi not become Ultraman

Become a Megutan star people become all to erase to Tasukete only other Kimi Mienai Megutan alien to me because I'll break all my Become a tan star people and Megu make me like you'll break the city live in Kimi Te ...
And of the other return not Ultraman not come yet ...?

I'll come out LaLaLa ··· I'm ... you are in here?
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  1. Hibeni exchange than:
    You've distorted (laughs)

    Megutan cute ('∇ `)
  2. Than BAL Short:
    The MP3 received Manta, and pine heard until suffering ('ω `*)
  3. mathru than:
    > BAL carbonate certainly please ask you to sick Come ww

    > Hibeni and interlinked does Well w by me a little sad song
  4. Sunlight than:
    Sorry in the middle of the night.
    We were allowed to Megutan alien look.
    Pretty I was impressed.
    MP3 you will receive.
  5. mathru than:
    > The sun's is Thank you! Please gone to hear clanging!
  6. Than it is taken:
    Megutan star people I like to painful.
    mp3 and karaoke I would not longer download (> _ <)

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