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terms of use

    This Agreement, through this site, is intended to define the terms and conditions for services that provide information.
    In the first Article Introduction
    1. These Terms of Use, mathru net (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is intended to define the terms and conditions in all of the services provided (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). The user of everyone (hereinafter referred to as "Users"), we will use the Service in accordance with this Agreement.

    Article users define and register
    1. A user that provisions of this service, it is the generic name of registered users and guest users.
    2. The registered user, you agree to the Terms, the contents required by data input and sent to the format for user registration, it is the individual that this site has been approved.
    3. The guest user, such as browsing and search, is a person to use a service that can be used without user registration set forth in the preceding paragraph.
    4. This site, if it falls under any of the following items, according to the judgment of this site, for the person who intends to become a registered user does not approve the user registration, the user for those already user registration has been approved You may want to refuse any and all use of the Service future to cancel the registration.
      1. If there is a false user registration contents
      2. If the content changes yourself did not register change when that occurred after the user registration
      3. If the user is in breach of this agreement
      4. If the user despite the user registration has not been utilized for a certain period the service
      5. If the other this site is determined to be inappropriate

    Article user name and password
    1. Registered users will and making a user name and password management of possessed by your own at their own responsibility.
    2. Registered users assume you only can hold only the main account per person. However, it is unless you have allowed separately this site. E-mail address, and other information that has been registered in order to obtain a user name and password, must be accurate and lawful.
    3. User name and password are personal, it is prohibited to be transferred or loaned in any case.
    4. Please contact immediately the Site If the user name and password that was used when the leaked to a third party, or to a third party. In addition, loss invalid user name and password the user's actions as the cause is used occurs, for damages, is not liable in this site, I can not do compensation.
    5. If this site is determined to be necessary, the user name for a particular registered user, it deletes password, you may want to prohibit the use of the service.

    For Article 4 privacy
    1. This site, will pay maximum attention to the protection of privacy information obtained from the user. For more information about the idea for the privacy of our site, privacy policy please refer to the.

    Article 5 responsibility of the user
    1. If the use of the Service users, but you will need to access the Internet, all equipment for that, software, properly prepared communication means in the user himself own risk and cost, installation, confirm you have read operation There. This site is not involved in any information about the user's access environment, these preparation, does not assume responsibility for the operation.
    2. User is disclosed on this service, question and answer, responsibility for the remarks, etc. all of the information to the bulletin board can be found in each user. Accordingly, the present site questions and answers user has disclosed in this service, the contents of the speech, etc. to the bulletin board, does not take any responsibility.
    3. If the user has damaged the honor of others, if you violate the privacy rights, if you violate the rights of other others if you have committed an act that violates the copyright law, unless the user to solve in its own responsibility and expense Narazu, this site does not assume any responsibility.
    4. If the person who is the user has disclosed information was received nuisance causing appears, the user must be solved in its own responsibility and expense, this site does not assume any responsibility.

    Article VI Prohibitions
    1. User, upon using this service, must not be made law violations, such as the following.
      1. The act of copyright infringement, intellectual property rights such as patent rights
      2. Act of infringement of privacy
      3. Defamation act, the act of a contempt action and others of obstruction of business
      4. Fraud
      5. It opened infinite chain lecture (the Ponzi scheme), or solicitation and operate this act
      6. Act that is against the law on the prevention of unauthorized access, including the action corresponding to the electronic computer damage such as obstruction of business crime (2 of the Penal Code Article 234), the act of performing an illegal operation on this site and others of computer
      7. Act of violation of the act or regulations relating to other crimes
    2. User, upon using this service, must not be carried out socially inappropriate behavior, such as the following.
      1. Crime notice, teaching, etc. of crime, which might cause a criminal act
      2. Race, ethnicity, creed, sex, social status, residence location, physical characteristics, medical history, education, discriminatory representation act of the grounds of property and income, etc.
      3. Ethically there is a problem vulgar, harmful, indecent act, act to disclose any information of content that gives aversion to others. Pornography, prostitution, sex industry, act to disclose the content of the information related to these.
      4. Nuisance, harassment, slander action, legitimate rights without action that gives mental damage and economic damage to others
      5. You can claiming individual or company other than your own, the organization, authority without specific company or you can use the name of the organization, fictitious individual and company, or claiming the organization, despite the fact of another person or company, act of or falsely organizations and business alliance and cooperation relationship
      6. You can use the service by pretending to be another person, act of tampering with information
      7. Any other activities that are interpreted as or socially inappropriate behavior contrary to public order and morals
    3. User, upon using this service, must not be carried out this service available on the inappropriate behavior, such as the following.
      1. The purpose of publicity and commercial and the advertising and solicitation other acts. However, it is not as far as that if this site is separately determined by the help of each service.
      2. Use the act of using a user name, such as discomfort and misunderstanding in others, this site or another person, company name, which is generally known, organization name, the same or similar user names, such as be misconstrued as trade names act to
    4. User, in addition to the terms of the above, the present site must not be any action judged to be inappropriate.

    Article 7 fee payment
    1. Each pair - in all of the price of goods that are posted on the hemorrhoids, consumption tax and local consumption tax (. Hereinafter referred to as the "consumption taxes") are also included.
    2. Registered users, you can choose a payment method from bank transfer credit card upon purchase of goods.
    3. In the case of bank transfer, it will be your contact after confirmation of payment products. In the case of credit card, after the settlement the end, we will contact the product immediately.
    4. This site, we may revise the price of this service, as well as goods without notice. Also, you may want to change the procedure in respect of payment without notice.

    Copyright and property rights of Article 8 this site
    1. This site owns the information contained in this service, service and software, the copyright on the content, and the property rights.
    2. If a separate license specified in each software have been established, we will follow on each license provisions.

    Article 9 Disclaimer
    1. This site, although the service will make the utmost effort to help the user of everyone, in the context of the present service, defect, pause, partial deletion, change, termination and user or other that they were caused by to the damage of person, except when there is a deliberate or gross negligence, and does not assume any responsibility.
    2. This site, legality of services that link destination of the disclosed information and the information in this service provides, morality, the presence or absence of the permission of the copyright, reliability, not responsible for the accuracy. In addition, this site is not responsible for whether or not the link destination of the information is extant.
    3. This site, the information that the user has voluntarily disclosed, the conflict between the other user or third party, slander, harassment, fraud, when subjected to damage, such as stalking, for damages based on the same damage , except when there is a deliberate or gross negligence, and does not assume any responsibility. Information exchange between the other users and third parties, please go to the utmost care in their own responsibility user.

    Change of Article 10 Terms of Service
    1. This Agreement, are subject to change without notice. Because I can not do that to individual notification to the user of everyone, in the case of use is, at any time, please refer to the latest Terms of Use.
    Heisei enacted 22 July 15