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[Kagamine Len] star


編曲: mathru 歌: 鏡音レン Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Kagamine Len

I wonder if a small light that I tried to put desire in the night sky of the star is transmitted even after hundreds of millions of years to put the sky? As someday I wish you will receive to heaven ...

The world of overhead that showed endless I was wondering about still young

Such panorama like each other convey feelings to each other in the ocean of the universe, which was fancy and read a book

Naa long time ago is facing emitted light to the Earth why going to steal in the prisoner also our mind this way

I wonder if the kana little joy welled up to go clear sky sheer stardust sees the same night sky as you are told what we have lost

We able to generate love encounter and to understand each other in this wide world to each other that have been born in a lonely universe not even air

Wonder if that is kana clear sky sheer stardust go welled up a little joy is seeing the same night sky as you touch the things we have lost

As small future that tried over wish to the night sky of stars someday to arrive even after hundreds of millions of years to be applied to the sky you will receive a wish

to come true you so ...
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