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To [Kagamine Len] future


編曲: mathru 歌: 鏡音レン Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Kagamine Len

The reason why I'm going to know, though he received a raw in this world remains which is not know anything was the servants loneliness was born here ...

"Take Ali better than people" noise sounds in the hustle and bustle that headache is "Have a good thing" "Take the effort to win"

It was unawares enough to go close in the cage Na became painful it is look up the sky has stretched hands was screaming I was struggling

Now a dream that had been seen as a child in the loss comb was diary

Nobody grabbed the hand I do not know something mind it was to have been able to to tell the servants'm lonely intention

Clock of needle awakening the light hidden in the dark I was the voice that sounds or as from where "want to stay on the side of" the other morning

Someday will grow this feeling if erase darkness this encounter fell to negative bottom until lit a big fire in my

Heart felt and say enough is touching to your kindness

It can to ensure that they support it but I do not know something Kizuna-shin that is born from the do's darkness each other Tour of

Until this snow that spring that will Ao warm and'm Hoshi divided your body temperature When you are in it do I'm one person would frozen piles up in your heart until melts

I was gently I feel your warmth that clenched palm

From a seem from the bottom of my heart 'Cause okay reached here if forget about the pain sometime Become a love to meet you

We proceed if with you I day that must be given up a high wall spotted hit by a dream has come can not be for anyone can learn to tomorrow

And Seize the future shine

We are ... the reason why I was born here I'm going to know, though he received a raw in this world remains which is not nothing sure was lonely
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