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[Kamui Gakupo] multidimensional interpretation cat (parallel Cat)


編曲: mathru 歌: 神威がくぽ Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: Kamui Gakupo

Another Kimi to Boku is living in one the back of this world

Nante be a kind of world you can try to kiss Dari holding hands

Now looked to dream as much Ah such a world so just longing

The answer is when I try to hit my question to what someone really feels Mr. ear any problems?

Met door to Atchikotchi I Nante mystery Is the Nante out eyes that wanted to'm threw cyclic

Anna reply? This answer?
to think and I'll do it become tangled I still cat among the box (= ^ - ^ =)

You can have hidden this world infinite possibilities? I do fun because you

Dari willing to say so well always worried hilt

Any problem such day-to-day is the future and I'm shaping my body?

distressed After selecting it and tries to continue looking at the before Let not fret because I answer

To had a chance to Atchikotchi Nante I do not know whether it'm going to put the switch what happens

Perhaps? Maybe?
Think it'm not ginger Among I still box "meow" (= ^ - ^ =)

Anyway? Over there on it's right!
What happens to'm proceed in such a feeling? Cat Among the box (= ^ - ^ =)
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