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[Kamui Gakupo] windmill


編曲: mathru 歌: 神威がくぽ Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru song: Kamui Gakupo

What is also playing in the dream without arrive in hand just as it watches you stop the needle in those days

It has continued to walk not even know the true wind and show a margin that it is "not a good because tailwind"

It is going to change just rot in pleasure negligence and I was drowning in such a fantasy on the total dream

It's just had to rely on to have is dying continued to sink without also move from day-to-day in the Zubuzubu and containing bushes such as freak freak windmill (round and round) and only cheap toys derail the road traveled by the I (toys)

The ship wanted a similar index and it also I going to rely on it to find the North Star (Hoshi)

Nothing evolved only Back road just came to me went to the opposite scared to tailwind

The only irritation is also changed to pleasure enjoy just if so love also divisible with such fantasy

Penniless without anything without putting the only money I feel is to to moisten my throat was vending machines that had been dry, which stood in the desert I am dying in the sea of ​​sand fell down dried up on the spot

The passion I had been longing to such a fantasy to dream wet just pillow turns into despair

Just rely on it had been the freak freak windmill (round and round) and I in the dark and is yuku remains Ruru only flow to derail the road traveled by the I go still dead continued hesitation without stopping walking without notice to it
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