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I'll be in [Hatsune Miku] Kanimiso ♪


編曲: mathru 歌: 初音ミク Lyrics: mathru composer: mathru Arranger: mathru Song: Hatsune Miku

We'll make the Kanimiso (§ to)

Why very loose painting what was finished I try to draw a picture of a pen tablet favorite daughter who bought in pocket money

I can sing a song, but can I take a pen?
I was yawning me I thought, "What Ya even say" the troubled little

(Parappa trumpet error)

Your lord and etc. I'll be in Kanimiso and I was always a little guy ah everyone squishy line that'll be hooked shift is not your anger

Since spend and Yan'm rhythmic fun better and Yan'll Ah you have Ke is a little crawling let me bounce in dance move so as to overlap the melody

I do not have Yare now properly that time I wanted to do small good if Iere a decent excuse

I can sing a song, but can I live for it?
And I do not be able to like you stretch and I "somehow become Ya"

(Parappa trumpet error)

So that the etc. I'll be in Kanimiso better, which has been always a little guy ah lovely future that'll make everyone captivated deviation able to draw the trajectory of a dream

I will sing for the people that seems ah important by Yan in tears in the Yan'm impressed deployment laugh at funny melody
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