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[동인 이벤트] THE VOC @ LOiD M @ STER19


2012 년 02 월 05 일 (Sun) 11 : 30 ~ 15 : 00
도쿄 : 이케부쿠로 선샤인 시티 월드 임포트 마트 4 층 전시 홀 A2 · 3 B07

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평소처럼 붉은 게의 대기소하겠습니다.
부디 용이성 ~.

■ 배포 물 · 무사도 ~ It is the way of the Samurai ~ 카무이 가쿠 포 ¥ 1000
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· sing a song ¥ 1000
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댄싱 ☆ 사무라이 어레인지 앨범 '舞侍組 "¥ 1500
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댄싱 ☆ 사무라이 ¥ 1800
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· 토노 휴대폰 클리너 ¥ 300
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  1. City Board of Education official said, with the deepening of Beijing primary and secondary school cu​​rriculum reform, teaching content and teaching methods innovation, and in 2006 issued the "Regulations"the primary and junior middle part of the project no longer meet the needs of current teaching; Main First, adjust the contents of the software audio-visual materials, wall charts and other personalized strong teaching materials, labor and technical classes, etc. the second is currently no unified textbooks, school cu​​rricula of varying subject areas? The official pointed out, will be part of the "mandatory programs"to "Optional items"more in line with the school teaching practice, teaching equipment to prevent the waste.

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