Further renewal of mathru.net with AstroJS Notion

Previously, I switched to CMS using Notion as an editor with

Cloudflare (Worker) + Notion + Fruition

on this page, but SEO seems to be incompatible. It has evolved further.

Mathru.net has been renewed using CloudFlare (Worker) Notion Fruition to reduce operating costs and make updating easier. Some documents are now easier to manage since they were originally documented in Notion. The author plans to create a system for linking existing links in the future.

After researching various things,

I found this and rewrote astro-notion-blog below for my own use to enable multilingual support, category support, responsive design, dedicated pages such as terms of use and privacy policy.

🚀 Begin building your very own Notion Blog with Astro. - GitHub - otoyo/astro-notion-blog: 🚀 Begin building your very own Notion Blog with Astro.
Astro is an all-in-one framework for building fast websites faster. Grab content from anywhere, deploy everywhere, and show the web what you’ve got.

Finally, mathru.net is constructed with

Cloudflare (Pages, Rules) + AstroJS + Notion

Compared to when it was

GCPAppEngine + CloudSQL + PHP + Wordpress


  • ¥ 5000 per month → ¥ 0
  • Ultra-fast display due to static page generation
  • Comfortable writing with Notion
  • Translation and automatic article creation with NotionAI

It's simply amazing!