I asked NotionAI to write about their impressions of using NotionAI.

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Impression of using NotionAI


In modern business, information sharing plays an important role. Especially as telework and remote work increase, sharing information online has become necessary. In this article, I will talk about my experience using an application called NotionAI.

How to use NotionAI

Using NotionAI makes it easy to share information within a team. For example, project progress, task lists, and memos can be easily shared. NotionAI has various features, and by using them effectively, work can be done more efficiently. In addition, the search function allows you to find necessary information quickly. NotionAI is a very useful tool for project management.

NotionAI allows you to create documents easily by using templates. There are various types of templates, such as creating articles, task lists, and project management. By using templates, work efficiency can be improved.

Advantages of NotionAI

NotionAI has many advantages. The biggest advantage is its ease of use. NotionAI has an intuitive interface, so it doesn't take long to get started. In addition, NotionAI has rich features, and users can easily find the information they need. Furthermore, NotionAI is designed to make team work more effective. For example, team members can edit the same document at the same time, reducing communication costs.

Also, NotionAI has a mobile app that can be used on smartphones. This allows you to work even when you're out, and achieve a more flexible way of working.

Disadvantages of NotionAI

NotionAI is not a perfect application. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of preview function. With NotionAI, you can upload files, but you cannot directly check the contents of the files. Also, NotionAI is not suitable for managing complex projects. This is because there are too many features, and it takes time to master them.

In addition, because NotionAI has many features, it may be difficult for first-time users to understand how to use them. However, by using templates, even beginners can easily learn how to use NotionAI.


NotionAI is an application that makes it easy to share information in modern business. It is easy to use, has rich features, and allows for effective team work. In addition, it can be used even when you're out thanks to the mobile app. However, it is not suitable for managing complex projects, and lacks a preview function. Although it may be difficult for first-time users to understand how to use it, using templates can make it easy to use. NotionAI is recommended for those who want to improve business efficiency.