[Flutter] Katana Shorten

Hello. My name is Masaru Hirose.

I made a simple package.

This package creates Duration, EdgeInsets, and SizedBox from int and double via extensions.

I’ve put together some instructions on how to use it, so if you’re interested, go ahead and give it a try!


Flutter package to write Duration, EdgeInsets, etc. in short descriptions. Simple widgets are also provided.


Duration and EdgeInsets are classes that are often used to implement Flutter.

Surprisingly, there are many characters to describe, and even though there is auto-completion, it takes a lot of time and effort to type the characters.

Therefore, I have created a package of extensions that can shorten them.

It can be easily written as follows

  padding: 16.p, // EdgeInsets.all(16)
  child: Text("text")

Future.delayed(100.ms); // Duration(milliseconds: 100)


Import the following packages

flutter pub add katana_shorten

How to use


The following can be substituted.

100.ms // Duration(milliseconds: 100)
100.s  // Duration(seconds: 100)
100.m  // Duration(minutes: 100)
100.h  // Duration(hours: 100)
100.d  // Duration(days: 100)

EdgeInsets(Padding / Margin)

The following can be substituted.

100.p  // EdgeInsets.all(100)
100.px // EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 100)
100.py // EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 100)
100.pt // EdgeInsets.only(top: 100)
100.pb // EdgeInsets.only(bottom: 100)
100.pl // EdgeInsets.only(left: 100)
100.pr // EdgeInsets.only(right: 100)


The following can be substituted.

100.sx // SizedBox(width: 100)
100.sy // SizedBox(height: 100)

Empty() // SizedBox.shrink()


I made it for my own use, but if you think it fits your implementation philosophy, by all means, use it!

Also, I releasing the source here, so issues and PullRequests are welcome!

If you have any further work requests, please contact me directly through my Twitter or website!

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