Regarding the use of music

We hereby establish the following terms of use for the songs created by mathru/Kanimiso-P.

Personal use / Use for free distribution works

Personal use and use in a work distributed free of charge are basically free of individual responsibility if they do not fall under the following prohibitions.

It is not necessary to indicate the credit.

Use on video posting sites such as YouTube

You can freely use it for personal or commercial use on video posting sites such as YouTube and niconico.

It is not necessary to indicate the credit.

Commercial use

Commercial use is possible at the individual/corporate responsibility if it does not fall under the following prohibitions.

Basically, the music is registered in JASRAC, so please pay the copyright fee according to JASRAC.

Also, you may be charged for the master disc depending on the music. If you have any questions, please contact us by inquiry.

It is not necessary to indicate the credit.

Prohibited matter

  1. You must not violate any of the following laws when using the music:
    1. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights and patent rights
    2. The act that invades someone's privacy
    3. Defamation, insult or interference with the business of others
    4. Fraud
    5. The act of establishing or soliciting or operating a Pyramid Scheme (pyramid scheme)
    6. The act in violation of the Act on Prevention, etc. of Unauthorized Computer Access, an act falling under the crime of obstructing business by damaging a computer (Article 234 bis of the Penal Code), or an act of unauthorized operation of the Site or another person's computer
    7. Other criminal acts or violations of laws and regulations
  2. Users must not engage in socially inappropriate activities when using songs, such as the following:
    1. The act that are likely to cause a crime, such as advance notice of a crime or instruction of a crime
    2. Discriminatory expression based on race, ethnicity, creed, sex, social status, place of residence, physical characteristics, medical history, education, property, income, etc.
    3. The act of disclosing unethical, harmful, vulgar, or objectionable information. The act of disclosing information on pornography, prostitution, entertainment and amusement businesses and related matters.
    4. The act of nuisance, harassment, slander, or inflicting psychological or economic damage on others without legitimate rights
    5. The act of identifying a person, company, or organization other than yourself, using the name of a specific company or organization without authority, identifying a fictitious person, company, or organization, or pretending to have a business alliance or partnership with another person, company, or organization despite the absence of facts
    6. The act of using a service or falsifying information by impersonating another person
    7. Other acts that are considered to be contrary to public policy or to be socially inappropriate.
  3. In addition to the above, you may not take any action that you deem to be inappropriate on the Website.

Copyrights and property rights for songs

  1. This website and mathru/kanimiso-P have copyrights and property rights in music and contents.
  2. If there are separate rules for each song, follow the rules.


  1. While we do our best to make the music available to you, we will not be liable for any defect, suspension, partial deletion, modification, or termination in the content of the music, or for any damage caused to you or others, except in the event of willful or gross negligence.
  2. This website is not responsible for the legality, morality, license, reliability, or accuracy of the information related to the music and the services provided by the link destination of this information. In addition, this site is not responsible for whether the link destination of the above information exists or not.
  3. This website is not responsible for any damage caused by music, such as conflicts, slander, harassment, fraud, stalking, etc., between other users or third parties, unless there is intent or gross negligence. Use your music with the utmost care at your own risk.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about music, please contact the following counter.