Coconara Professional Certified Engineer iOS/Android/Web apps will be created.


Coconara Pro certified engineers will create apps that run on iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web.

I may not be able to accept large projects, etc., depending on the content, so please feel free to contact us first.

Requests for Consultation

Please include the following information to ensure a smooth response.

Overview of the application and minimum required functions

  • Reference apps and websites
  • Budget
  • appointed day of delivery

Development consultation service opened.

Proposals and estimated budgets for your requests can be discussed.


Basic Functions and Services

The following functions and services are possible at no additional charge

  • Local database
  • Material design
  • Change color scheme
  • Implementation of applications running on iOS / Android / Web*1

    *1 Extra charge if design changes from mobile version

Additional Functions and Services

The following functions and services are also possible

* I will select the function that meets your requirements at the time of your request.

  • Remote database (Firebase)
  • Account Management
  • Localization support
  • In-app (monthly) billing
  • User-to-User Settlement
  • In-app advertising (Admob)
  • Push notification
  • Location map function
  • Real-time streaming of video and audio, video and audio chat (recording also possible)
  • AI functions (ChatGPT, image generation, etc.)
  • Health Care Collaboration
  • Support for AppStore distribution registration
  • Support for registration of distribution to Google Play
  • Web-based delivery support

About Delivery

Please select from the following options, and the transaction will be completed after confirming the operation.

*Multiple selections are acceptable.

  • Delivery in source code

    *Delivery will be made by Dart / Flutter.

  • Install the application on the relevant device
  • List your products on the App Store on your behalf (paid option)
  • Listing agent on Google Play (paid option)
  • Publication on web hosting service (paid option)

Transaction Flow

①Consultation & Quotation


③Started application production

④You will check the produced application and make modifications as necessary.

⑤Delivery is made and the transaction is completed.

Purchase Requests

Any changes to specifications after purchase will be quoted at an additional cost.

About Documentation

In order to keep costs down, I do not prepare strict specifications.

Based on the requirements at the time of purchase, I will create a mock application that allows you to check the screen design and functions on the actual device. After checking the application, I will finalize the specifications.

Regarding requests that cannot be handled

I am sorry, but I cannot accept the following applications

  • Apps that include features that are not feasible due to specifications
  • Applications that are difficult to estimate
  • Other applications requiring advanced technology or long development periods

About testing and requirements definition

I am unable to respond to strict definitions of requirements such as availability and scalability.

I will not perform any load testing associated with them.

Testing will be completed when the operation of the system has been tested and confirmed by the customer.

I am also unable to address problems that I am unable to reproduce (under high load or special conditions). The product will be delivered as is.

If I am unable to contact you for more than 15 days after the start of production without any reason, I will deliver the source code at that point and the transaction will be terminated.

Charged Option

  • AppStore distribution support option + ¥40,000
  • Google Play distribution support option + ¥40,000
  • Publication support option with web hosting service + ¥40,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you handle updates after the project is completed?
    • Updates can be handled if you request them again through "Request for Quotation/Customization".

      However, I will not be able to respond to any functionality added or updated by others to the source I have given you after the project is completed.

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  • Can you handle maintenance and operations after the project is completed?
    • I am sorry, but I do not support maintenance of servers, etc., or operation of applications and services.

      For servers, I will use highly available cloud services (Firebase, AWS, GCP, etc.).

      Failures are rare, and when they do occur, they are repaired automatically, so there are almost no problems.

      In addition, I ask customers to pay server and other running costs related to the application themselves.

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  • Can Android apps be supported?
    • I can provide this service at no charge. Please contact us for details.
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