[Novel] Bacterial Contamination


  • Original mathru@Kanimiso-P + Toshio Machii
  • Illustration Deino

This novel is based on the theme of Bacterial Contamination. I was in charge of plotting and proofreading the story.


The dark site of up-and-coming Kanimiso-P (Vocaloid Producer) and Deino World's dark collaboration "Bacteria Contamination" is finally novel!! Itai hurts italy hurts… Welcome to the world!

About "Bacterial Contamination"

The song “Bacterial Contamination” produced by a nightmare-like evil collage woven by the shocking phrase of “Death?” And Deino's character “Shie” is a voice synthesizer written by Kamimiso-P in 2012. It was produced using. Deino's 3DCG-driven PV full of stimulation and attack has exceeded 6 million views on Nico Nico Douga and YOU TUBE.

Check the official website for details.

アンタはワタシ。イタイ痛いいたイ いタイ痛い……。「タスケテ」って思っても味方なんてダレもいないんだ「クルシイ」って思っても逃げ場なんてドコにもないんだ