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About "BEMAGI”

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"BEMAGI" is a social rhythm game that incorporates elements that allow characters to play against each other.

The player creates units of 4 characters (+ support characters) and battles with enemy characters in rhythm games in dungeons and events.

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Accumulate character skill gauge while playing rhythm game. The skill is automatically activated when you tap successfully after the skill gauge has been accumulated.

Depending on the timing, the character's skill gauge accumulation will change. Also, if you tap the best at the timing of skill activation, you can do critical damage.

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Skills may cause additional damage and effects depending on various conditions, and the effect will vary depending on how the units are assembled. Since you cannot select battle skills during a rhythm game, "BEMAGI" is a game that defeats highly difficult enemies depending on how you set the play accuracy of the rhythm game and the skills of units and character

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"BEMAGI" supports network play, and supports various ways of playing, such as one-on-one battle play between players, cooperative play where three people cooperate to defeat enemies, and team battle performed by six people.

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"BEMAGI" also supports location information service, and you can search for dungeons while walking and find rare items.

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"BEMAGI" offer various ways of playing as social games. For example, there are gacha, compositing, message exchange, friend function, present word and item code functions.

Technology that supported "BEMAGI”

The client uses Unity. We started development from Unity 3.x, and now there is no mainstream uGUI, and we purchased NGUI from the asset store and used it.

At that time, we were still unable to play high performance games on Android and struggled to adjust the device performance. Especially in rhythm games, performance should not drop during play, so we actively used object pools and tried to reduce the memory allocation during play as much as possible.

From version 2, the design has been renewed, and popular vocaloid songs have been adopted to enhance the promotion. As part of this effort, we actively responded to the latest technologies such as VR using Oculus and Kinnect. ”BEMAGI VR” was also popular at Tokyo Game Show.

From version 3 onwards, networking has been enhanced, including support for Photon and switching to Firebase. For network matching, we use URI schemes, DynamicLink, QRCode, etc. to provide a mechanism that is easy to match in the SNS era.

From version 4, in addition to support for various services such as support for au Smart Pass, we focused on expanding content such as events, rankings, tournaments, and battle towers. The rules have also been expanded, and Fantastic evaluation has been introduced, the difficulty of 4 lanes has been addressed, and skills have been enhanced to pursue the fun of the game.

Among them, OpenStreatMap server is built, and quests using location information use various functions. In addition to finding the current position from a large amount of map data, as a position information game such as estimating the position using an acceleration sensor to accurately acquire position information, or drawing a map at high speed using the OpenGL drawing function Various adjustments are made to make it function.

mathru's involvement

I have been involved with Bamaji for over 4 years since the first development. Except for some Android's native functions, almost everything is developed alone, from development of Unity side clients to cooperation with servers such as Firebase, construction of service servers such as OpenStreatMap, demonstrations such as VR etc. The Although I was struggling, I think that my skills have greatly improved during that time.

In addition to using my songs, I also negotiated the use of other people's vocaloid songs using the connections of the Vocaloid P era. I also made promotional videos, posters, POP designs, and T-shirts.

Although the service ended in September 2019, we are proud that it was a good project leading to the present.


BEMAGI that started production from the beginning of Unity, it changed considerably with the evolution of Unity, with the specification change following the specification change, the source is quite messed up. There are a lot of bad things if you think about it now, but I think that it was a good game, so if you have the opportunity, I will make you want to recreate it again.

Since there are ideas that are connected to mUniSm and Masamune framework after that, and ideas that have not yet been realized, I would like to make something like BEMAGI 2.

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